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Zach Russack

Singer/Songwriter from NW New Jersey

For someone whose music is largely characterized by still introspection, Zach Russack doesn’t really slow down. Since releasing his eponymous debut album in 2016, the Hackettstown, NJ-based singer songwriter has worked as an audio engineer and started to build an home, maintained a steady stream of gigs around NYC and family with partner and long-time collaborator Cat Cirotti — all while continuing to develop new material for his sophomore album.


But that’s because music has been at the center of Russack’s world for the majority of his life. His music, which broaches many subjects and is often marked by intricate acoustic guitar and his soft vocal style, chronicles his reflections on the dichotomies in his life: Growing up in a small town and performing in a big city or building a secure foundation to start a family while pursuing professional goals in the music industry, just to name a few.


Whatever the challenge, on which ever side of the coin, Russack’s music and performances illustrate he has the versatility to handle them all.

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