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Zach Russack:
Musician out of NW New Jersey.

     Reflected in its earthy yet crisp sound, Zach Russack’s music feels viscerally compassionate. An introspective sound reflecting the rural, North Jersey countryside it was grown from, there is a distinctively folk feel built on a foundation that carries a more contemporary, indie vibe to it, with subtle but unmistakable undertones of rock. A paradox that evokes both bittersweet nostalgia, and tender, sweet optimism, we feel comfortably in conflict with ourselves, weaving back-and-forth in a constant, internal tug toward opposite frames of mind.


     Of life and struggles, challenges and determination, the music—or stories, as it were—comes from a place of something close to regret, tempered by the soothing and reassuring accompaniment that tells us it’s all going to be okay. Musically, the emotional response is open to individual interpretation, with its push-pull between resolute declarations and wistful uncertainty, but it isn’t so delicate that you can’t grab hold of it and squeeze; it is solid and unwavering in its gentle, melodic lullabies, highlighted by precise instrumental strength and confidence. Lyrically vivid and exposed, Russack creates a visual and tells a story so expressive, painting a mental image that seems to touch on all five senses; the perfect musical companion for a stroll down a hidden path in the woods.

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