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Bedford Oak

"Bedford Oak" is a single released by Zach Russack on April 1, 2021 - over three years following "The Common Cold" EP release. Strongly delving from influences such as Sufjan Stevens, Andy Shauf, and Elliott Smith, Russack brings home the familiarities of a broken relationship, affirming an affair that inevitably pulls the two protagonists apart. This haunting track was collaboratively recorded between Zach Russack (guitars / vocals) and Mike Johnson (synthesizers). Developed during the COVID-19 pandemic, Russack, Johnson and Josh Welshman (mix / master engineer) were able to remotely complete this single out of their respective locations:

Hackettstown, NJ (Russack)
Asheville, NC (Johnson)
Mt. Vernon, WA (Welshman)

This stand-alone single is available for purchase / download on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Bandcamp, and other streaming platforms.



Apple Music




This single was written, produced, and performed by Zach Russack.

Guitars / Vocals:

Zach Russack


Mike Johnson



Recording / Editing Engineer:

Zach Russack


Mixing Engineer:

Josh Welshman

Mastering Engineer:

Josh Welshman



Gabriel Francis

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